Welcome to Ontario Voters Coalition.

We’re a grassroots volunteer group committed to increasing voter turnout and helping people cast an informed ballot. We don’t support any particular party, but we do know that another Doug Ford majority would be bad for Ontario.

Why do we say political parties suck, but then recommend you vote for one anyway? Schools are good. Hospitals are good. Transportation infrastructure is good. And the provincial government is responsible for all of those things. If we want to defend and improve the public services that make Ontario great, it matters who we elect. Although there are big problems in party politics and our electoral system — there are also good people who want to make Ontario better in every party.

In the 2022 election we also have an unusual opportunity to elect a coalition government. Unlike a majority government, a coalition government will give more power to voters and individual MPPs and less power to party insiders.

For information on when and how to vote, visit: ELECTIONS ONTARIO.