Download the poster as a PNG or PDF and put it up in your riding.

“KNOCK” Ford Out Event Map

See where all canvassing events are taking place.

Fact Sheets

These fact sheets are point-form versions of our policy guides which you can carry on a clipboard so you have key facts at your fingertips. You should familiarize yourself with the full policy guides first as these fact sheets are point form.

Fact sheets also include tables of party policies — such as the housing table below.

Housing Fact Sheet

Good Government Fact Sheet

Climate Fact Sheet

Education Fact Sheet

Healthcare Fact Sheet

We will also produce fact sheets on health, education and other issues soon.

Printable Lanyard Insert with Logo
Printable Logo for back of clipboard

Contact Sheet – For tracking positive contacts for your records.

OVC Leaflet-– Prints front and back, 4 to a page. Please contact us if you would like a riding specific flyer.

Deep Canvassing Training Video