Doug’s Dubious Donors and Insidious Insiders: A Timeline

Doug Ford has created an image of himself as an ordinary dude fighting for the little guy. But the truth is, his dad was a Conservative MPP with a multi-million dollar printing company. Instead of fighting for the little guy, Doug will always choose billionaires, business associates and political insiders. 1995-1999 – Doug Ford (Sr.) … Continue reading Doug’s Dubious Donors and Insidious Insiders: A Timeline

What happened? What’s next?

Well, we didn't get the result we wanted of course, but our June 3 mood chart held up. We were angry and saddened, but we weren't devastated in the same way we were in 2018 when Ford's victory fell in our laps like a ton of bricks. Instead of feeling hopeless and powerless our brains … Continue reading What happened? What’s next?

Last Chance to Get Out the Vote – Who do you know?

Even if you couldn't make it this evening... If you know someone in a close riding, we suggest that you drop them a quick, personal note using the following format. State why the election is important to you - just be honest hereMention that their riding is very close and could determine the whole electionRemember … Continue reading Last Chance to Get Out the Vote – Who do you know?

Who should I vote for?

First and foremost, we recommend you look at our summaries of key issues and challenges and each party's platform promises. While there are meaningful differences between the three progressive parties, there is considerable overlap as well and they agree on many beneficial policies. In almost every issue area, we have recommended that people can get … Continue reading Who should I vote for?

10 Days Left — How to Tip the Balance!

Doug Ford is still on pace for a majority, but there's at least a 20% chance of a minority which would lead to a Liberal-NDP coalition. That means that targeted outreach and volunteering could easily tip the balance!1. We have still have canvasses scheduled in Hamilton and a sign-up for leafletting and/or door-knocking in Peterborough, … Continue reading 10 Days Left — How to Tip the Balance!

Join a Canvassing Event

Click here! We've got riding events starting up! See if there's an event close to you and strengthen that riding's reach. If you don't see an event near you, CREATE ONE! We will be in touch with creators of new events ("hosts") as soon as possible to make sure you have what you need. Given … Continue reading Join a Canvassing Event

Open Meeting Invitation!

This is it, folks! Time to take back those PC ridings! We'll review our strategy and get into what canvassing events will look like. Ask questions and meet other volunteers. RSVP AT SEE YOU SOON!

Volunteer Training Video

We had an amazing turnout at our training session with Tim Ellis. Our recorded session is now available to those were not able to attend, and for new volunteers. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail


The upcoming June Ontario provincial election is a crucial one. We have an opportunity to both demand accountability from the current government and to choose a new one with our votes. Ontarians are diverse and so are the issues that concern us. That means that we can speak with each other and learn about our … Continue reading Volunteer!

Deep Canvassing Facilitator Bio

Meet Tim Ellis Tim's eclectic background has included careers as a rave DJ, farm hand, freelance writer, gym technician, bond market analyst, and most recently as a digital organizer and campaign manager. An immigrant from the US who has lived in Canada since 2012, Tim has brought his jack-of-all-trades approach to the progressive movement since … Continue reading Deep Canvassing Facilitator Bio