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SUBJECT LINE: Stop Overriding our Charter Rights

You will soon be voting on whether or not the Charter of Rights and Freedoms applies in Ontario.

Ford and the PC government know that Bill 28, if passed, would face grave legal challenges. Bargaining rights are protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This is why Ford plans to use the notwithstanding clause—to pretend our rights and freedoms don’t exist and to directly negate the Human Rights Code.

Attempting to punish those who keep our schools safe and thriving through Bill 28 is an abuse of power from those who do not represent the majority of Ontarians. The PC government sits in government with only 41% of votes from just 43% of Ontario’s eligible voters. We have not agreed to have our Charter rights trampled.

As my MPP, I ask that you vote ‘NO’ to the use of the notwithstanding clause and to fight Bill 28.