The Ontario Voters Coalition is an initiative of Climate Pledge Collective. We are parents who want to raise future generations in communities that are well-informed and that act politically with true care for each other’s well-being. Though addressing the climate emergency is obviously important, we also know that the multiple and often simultaneous issues we face daily can weigh us down.

We want to speak with fellow Ontarians about what you need today and which political representative and party can best advocate for you. We can’t tackle the climate crisis without fighting for Indigenous rights, affordable housing, long-term care, migrants’ rights, public transit, affordable child care, safe public education, public health care, food justice… And we need a government who will work on these with the same passion, intelligence, thoughtfulness, and endurance with which everyday people face these challenges.

We are non-partisan…

But we don’t fool ourselves into thinking that “non-partisan” means being neutral. We all know a body of facts, and our daily joys and challenges impact our decisions. Our experiences affect our assessments of the strengths and weakness of policies, candidates, and parties. You can therefore expect that we have no loyalty to any candidate or party as we listen carefully for the political representatives who could best serve Ontario for next four years.