Deep Canvassing Facilitator Bio

Meet Tim Ellis

Tim’s eclectic background has included careers as a rave DJ, farm hand, freelance writer, gym technician, bond market analyst, and most recently as a digital organizer and campaign manager. An immigrant from the US who has lived in Canada since 2012, Tim has brought his jack-of-all-trades approach to the progressive movement since taking a job as part of the NH persuasion and deep canvassing team with the Bernie Sanders campaign in 2016, where he went on to serve on field operations in six states. From there, he served as the lead coordinator for the “Rock Against the TPP” international concert series, campaign manager for local and state senate candidates, union organizer for OPSEU, digital field director for an NDP federal party leadership candidate, and returned to the campaign trail with Bernie’s New Hampshire persuasion team in 2020.

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